Brick tutorial by Cubik

1. Start
Start a new texture, 512x512 pixles.

2. Grid
Add a Generator-Grid function.

Object radius 1
X-Tile 12
Y-Tile 12

3. Wires
Add a Generator-Wires function.

Colors: 1=White 2=Medium gray
Use P2S
Mask mode: Color Delta.

Amplify 30

3.1. Click on one of the black squares.

4. The magic, gravimetric
This is where the magic is at, using the gravimetric function (my personal favorite) we will melt the texture together more to create the "bricks with cracks in" pattern.
Add a Distorion-Gravimetric function.

Amplify 5
Now use it 3-6 times, to create the effect you want. (If you want some more regularity in your texture, just fill the some of the grey areas with white)

5. Clone it
Hit ALT+INS to create a clone of the texture.

6. Coloring
Use the Generator-Perlin noise function.

Mask mode: Color Delta
Fill and replace: Tolerance 27
Color Settings:
Use Color Gradinent, Desert setting.

Click on the whitish areas until you have almost filled the texture (usally 3-4 times).

7. Clone it
Hit ALT+INS to create a clone of the texture.

8. Smooth
Use Filter-Smooth to smooth the clone.
Click once. Standard settings. 25-50 % opacity (decides the roughness of the texture).

9. Shader time!
In my meaning the most the impressive thing in the whole program. It simply (correctly used) creates the all-important illusion of depth and lightning effects in your texture.

Or, Tools-Advanced Shader.

Heightmap, the smoothend clone. Ampitude 55, Smoothness 60
Surface, the colored texture. Opacity 100%, everthing else on 0.
Lights, light gray lights, dark gray ambient. Shadows 3%

The end result.