Revision History
What's new in 3.1?

-Full support for alpha channels.

-Support for different color depths from 8-Bit grayscale to 128-Bit RGBA.

-Support of floating point values for function parameters.

-Support for PSD and TMX file format.

-Improved memory management, support for memory mapped files.

-Support for XP themes and new icon set.

-New plugin system allowing plugins to be created with FreePascal.

-Function selection can be navigated via keyboard.

-Added Noise/Structure function.

-Added Distraction/Synthesis function.

-Added Filter/Radial Blur.

-New Resampler engine (was ISampler).

-Mixer can be limited to the individual RGBA channels.

-Undo after changing image size.

-Brush/Stickers support rotation, sizing and color variations.

-Smoother brush strokes.

-Multi-CPU support for brush engine.

-Images can be displayed at any scale (not only 50%, 100%, 200%, ...).

-Added tune control for Gentex images.

-Added batch rendering to Gentex and Neighbor Texture Transitions.

-Object preview support reflections and background image (cubemap).

-Support for rendering with adaptive supersampling.

-Gradient rectangle mask mode supports free gradient direction.

-Undo/Redo for Extraction (was Textractor).

What's new in 3.03?

-Fixed a bug with tablets that only support the Wintab 1.0 standard.

-Updated Photoshop plugin handling, supports more plugins now.

-Fixed some untranslated strings.

What's new in 3.02?

-Fixed a bug with License Files that could not be installed if their date was

-Fixed a bug with the "Functions" menu displaying empty preset submenus.

What's new in 3.01?

-Fixed a bug with the Texture Thumbnails not being updated when the
texture was changed.

-Fixed a bug with the Function Preview Watermark in Evalutation Mode.

-Fixed a memory leak in the Multitexture Mixer.

-Fixed a bug with the "Render Text" module where the user was not
able to enter multiple lines.

What's new in 3.0?

Major changes and additions:

-New License Model: Free, Basic, Advanced Professional and Enterprise.

-New Image Input/Output System: Supports a greater range of image formats.

-Live Preview: Easily tweak the function settings and see that effect

-Customizable interface: Move menu, function selection, configuration
panels and thumbnail sidebar.

-Support for Photoshop(r) Compatible Plugins.

-Texture Maker as Photoshop(r) Plugin: Use TM as a Plugin with the
separate Photoshop(r) Exchange Plugin (at the Download Section).

-Improved Memory Management: Compressed undo-buffers for reduced memory load,
can also be swapped to disk.

-New Color Dialog: Supports color selection in the RGB and HSV color
spaces, input from common text formats (CSV,HTML) and manages lists
of custom colors.

-New Color Gradient Designer: Works now with RGB-Colors instead of

-New Genetic Texture Generator: 100% rewritten, renders more colorful
patterns and lets you examine every pattern.

-Improved Script Editor: Supports search and replace operations.

-Brushes with Tablet Support and Stickers: Pressure sensitive brush
functions. Along with this new ability, new functions have been added:

*Brush/Paint: Draw with a single color.
*Brush/Carve: Emboss the texture with the brush shape.
*Brush/Retouch: Lighten, Darken, Blur, Sharpen, etc.
*Brush/Structurize: Add a paper texture to the image.
*Brush/Clone: Create seamless textures with the classic clone brush method.
*Brush/Stickers: Paste randomly selected sprites.

-Filter/Derive Function: Convert the derivation of a texture to absolute

-Color/Synchronize Function: Change the colors of a texture to match the
colors of a another texture.

-Artihmetic Combiner: Combine two textures + a mask with a freely
definable mathematical expression.

-Neighbor Texture Transitions: Create tilesets for games.

-Clipboard Viewer: Shows the content of the windows clipboard, lets you
clear the clipboard.

-Navigation: Shows the texture at the mouse cursor zoomed like a
magnifying glass for precise operation.

-Raw Config Editor: Lets you change the internal application settings

Minor changes and additions:

-Many tools are resizable.
-Improved handling of duplicate textures in the editor.
-Editable texture sizes range now from 1x1 to 16384x16384.
-Rewritten rendering engine for better multithreading performance.
-Runs now with full functionality on limited user accounts.
-Stores custom settings in the registry instead of many little files.
-Marks modified presets with an asterisk (*) in the preset selection.
-Makeseamless/Privileged has now the displace parameter.
-Improved Noise/Tears function.
-Improved Noise/Erosion function.
-Improved floodfill functions (Mask/Fill, Special/Texturize, Special/Randomize).
-Rewritten Filter/Detect Edges function (uses Sobel filter)
-Any texture can be set as overlay texture for the individual textures.
-Grid on the texture form.
-Source Textures and Overlay Texture are remembered for the individual functions.
-Source Texture offset shifts to the other (more logical) direction now.
-Improved translation to german (all function and comboboxes).
-Improved corner brightness correction in the textractor.
-Obsolete "Download from URL" (just drag from browser) removed.
-Old texture previews (I-Tex 1.0) removed.
-Hotkey commands can be called by right clicking empty workspace.
-Uses WinXPs "Tahoma" as font now.
-Console is vertically resizable.

What's new in 2.81?

-Old Generator/Waves function is back as Generator/Stream
-Changed Threadmanager of the Advanced Shader and Mixer
-TM selects last used function on startup
-Fixed: Rescale-Dialog width and height fields behaved weird
-Updated helpfile

What's new in 2.8?

-New: Batch Processing
-New: Filter/Wind function
-New: Generator/Ridged Perlin
-New: Special/Texturize function
-New: Offset buttons at Source Texture panel
-New: Window->Discard All item for closing all textures

-Generator/Bricks features now turbulence parameter for
variable brick stone size
-Generator/Waves rewritten

-Supersampling on zoomed-out textures (Mip-Mapping)
-Redesigned and cleaned up interface
-More distinct function icons
-All modal dialogs are now Standard-Windows, which can be minimized,
so the entire application is minimized
-Improved keyboard-only support ("tab-through")
-"Texture from Editor" menuitem doesn't bring up selection, if
only one texture is available
-Gradient Designer: Lock Point Movement with the CTRL and Shift keys
-Sidebar shows now a 'S' and a 'O' if the texture is Source or Opacity Map
-Sidebar thumbnails have a popup menu
-TM can now restart after language changes
-Scripts Menu shows now six recently called scripts

-Fixed: Multitexture Mixer hanged sometimes
-Fixed: Favorites did not return if selected preset was
-Fixed: Rescale dialog did not save all settings
-Fixed: File->Save always opened saving dialog like "save as"
-Fixed: Slow Freehand-Pen with long path
-Fixed: Texture sometimes lost focus when a source texture was unset

What's new in 2.7?

-New vast Documentation and Help System
-Programmable Hotkeys
-Concerning Generator functions render
now Aspect-Ratio correct
(less distortions, but sacrified speed)
-Removed Tiling panel from Perlin Noise/Amp,
not needed any more.
-Generator/Veins modified to render veins with
equal thickness
-Element Synthesis Generator functions optimized
-Improved Heightmap Smoothing in Advanced Shader
-Softshadows in Advanced Shader, Dropshadows
on Floor Map
-Max. Texture Size increased to 8192x8192
-Surface Point Objects are Moveable/Scalable now
-All Textures have their own Surface Points now
-Modules remember their own Open/Save Path now
-3D Color Cube moved to Color Circle
-Command Processing Engine rewritten (faster),
supports Reserverd Words now (e.g. $texture) and
Dynamic Loops (&-statement), more commands
-Noise/Randomize function
-Distraction/Scramble function
-Special/Sphere Texture Mapping bug fixed
-Textractor Grid remembers position, rotateable
-Textractor window is now resizeable
-Textractor remembers last opened input image
-FDE rendering of Land,Sky,Sun can be disabled
-FDE Cubemap Rendering of individual sides
-Advanced Shader and Mixer can save their settings
to files now
-Removed Menu-Icons (was buggy) to save resources
-Some more Resource saving changes
-Edit/Transpose function
-Edit/Fade Last function
-Reworked New-Texture-Dialog
-Sidbar is now scrollable if there are more textures
that can be displayed at a time
-Recent Functions Menu can be called by right clicking
the Function Selection

What's new in 2.61?

-Fixed Evaluation Version Bug with Saving/Clipboard

What's new in 2.6?

-Mask shapes support antialiasing now
-Improved Smoothing-Performance
-Smoothing always uses gaussian kernel now
-Most functions reviewed and improved
(e.g. translate/puzzle doesn't create double tiles anymore)
-Less laggy drawing of mask shapes
-Surface point panel removed to free up some
screen space, use "Edit/Surface Points" menu now
-First Day 2 Engine improved: 3D clouds, better shading
MIP-Mapping, better atmosphere model, stars at night...
-First Day 2 Engine can load/save atmosphere settings
-3D Texture Preview supports "Environment Sphere" for
-Particle System Animator lets you define framerate for
the output AVI file
-Better rescaling (without shifting)
-Quick Texture Mixer can be used with the Texture Selection
at the left side
-Advanced Shader supports two light sources now and has
improved highlights
-Main Menu improved
-Improved stability on SMP systems
-Improved load on SMP systems via Thread-Interlacing
-Improved performance on bigger textures
-Lockundo/Unlockundo console commands for scripts
-Render Text color bugs fixed
-Menu Icons disabled on Win9x-Systems because of
Win9x's limited resources
-Source Code cleanups and preparations for major changes

For Registered Users only:
-File/Export/Normal-Map for creating smooth normal
maps for games
-File/Export/Alpha which allows you to save a 32-Bit
TGA-File with Alpha channel

What's new in 2.5?

-Infinity Textures is now Texture Maker
-Language bug fixed
-Undo Buffer bug fixed
-File Menu bug fixed
-Generator/Wood2 function
-Supersampling with Rotated Grid now
-ISampler max. resolution to 1024x1024
-Rendering Progress in main Statusbar
-Metallic Glyphs

What's new in 2.4?

-Bugs fixed
-Some cosmetic changes
-FDE Atmosphere coloring
-MDI Scrollbars removed, now
limiting MDI child position
-Open multiple files at once

What's new in 2.4 RC2?

-Lots of Bugs fixed
-Improved Texture Viewport
-Noise/Variate Function
-Distraction/Fuzzy Function
-FDE Alpha Rendering
-Panel Arrangement Configuration
-More readable Help
-Two new Mixing Modes

What's new in 2.4 RC1?

-New more user friendly Function Selection
-Mousewheel Zoom
-Noise/Erosion Function
-Translate/Circle Dewarp Function
-Color Palette on Cube Panel
-Color Gradient non-loop mode
-Load/Save Genetic Set in Gentex
-Reworked Icon-Bar (no flickering)
-Help Browser remembers scroll-position
-Background Color Selection in New-Dialog
-Translate/Shift Function only pixel-precise
now if no source texture set (prevents smoothing)
-Some bugs fixed

What's new in 2.4 Beta?

-ISampler Texture Resynthesis
-New Advanced Multitexture Mixer
-Animation Recorder
-Better Configuration
-Check for Update Feature
-Wires,Caustics,Veins,Waves Generator Function
-Median Filter
-Show Source Texture Overlay
-Improved Normals-Sampling
-Optimized Rendering Performance
-Lines can be forced to horz./vert. when
pressing ALT-key
-Many bugs fixed
-Favorites can now do "quick execution"
-Some other minor changes ...

What's new in 2.3?

-Advanced Shader for easier 3D Textures
-Advanced Color Adjustments
-Particle System upgraded to 48-Bit
internal precision, now resolution
independent rendering, rendering
to color/alpha channel
-Improved Shadows for FDE, underwater
caustics subtexture.
-Undo Button for the GenTex
-Flagtech Generator Function
-Tiles Generator Function
-Many Bugs fixed
-Icons changed
-Aquabutton Plugin
-New Tutorials

What's new in 2.2?

-Improved Interface:
More comfortable and nicer
-Restructured Menu
-Scripts accessible from menu
-Preset Search Function
-Function Selection can be placed on
a second panel
-Performance Improvements (cached blur etc.)
-Many bugs fixed
-New Generator Functions:
Gravel,Horns,Scratches,Turbulence,Perlin Amp,
Complex (the absolute pattern generator),
Chaos Pattern (random complex synthesizer)
-Bump\Quad Light Function
-Recursion Parameter for Filter\Matrix Filter
-Interface/Extract Mask function can now be
projected to the Source Textures.
-"Variate" Function Mixing Mode
-Changed Generator\Starfield
-Changed Generator\Clouds
-Changed Bump\Emboss
-Generator\Mandelbrot can render seamlessly now
-Generator Supersampling and Auto Embossing
-Quick Texture Mixer with Drag&Drop on
the Texture Forms
-Improved Genetic Texture Generator
-Improved Landscape Renderer
-Seamless Loop Calculator for the
Animated Texture Generator
-Color Gradients use Splines
-Model Previews
-New Scripts and Presets
-New Tutorials
-Global Panel Max/Minimizing
-Panel Configuration can be locked
to forbid presets to change it
-Startup Logs
-Improved Compatibility
-Changed Custom Scrollbar Behavior
-Enhanced Configpanel Spinedits
-"Cubes" Kaleidoscope
-Larger Histogram and Heighmap View
-Improved Script Browser
-Form Transparency for Win2k/XP
-Added "/nosplash" parameter

What's new in 2.1?

-Texture Extraction
-Spot Mask Mode
-HTML Help Export
-Color circle Selection
-Save Buttons (like Export Buttons)
-Send Feedback Menu Item

What's new in 2.02?

-Improved Win98 compatibility
-Parameter "/debug" for startup crashing debugging
-Smaller installation packet
-Supplied missing "soil.jpg" fde texture

What's new in v2.01?

-Fixed Win9x/ME compatibility iussue
-Fixed incomplete presets

What's new in v2.0.0 Final?

-Performance Improvements
-New Functions
-New Scripts
-Script Editor doesn't lock Interface
-New Cursors
-New Presets
-Improved Texture Context Menu
-Order Forms

What's new in v2.0.0RC1?

-Everything! A entirely new program!

What's new in v1.3.0 ?

-Interface cleanup and improvements
-New "Simple Witch" with Post-Rendering
-Improved Previews (Filtered)
-New Image Library for PNG file format
-Better open/save dialog
-First-Day Engine (Matrix Raytracing)
-Did you know ... dialog
-Functions generalized (opacity etc.) for
more options
-Improved Loop-Feature (was S.I.M.O)
-Faster Glossary
-New functions : Change-Hue-Pen,
Matrix Filter, Array-Lines.
-Brightness Selection on colors (right click)
-Black-Square Shareware-Limitation removed
-Improved Help
-Configuration dialog
-Links corrected to "www.i-tex.de"

What's new in v1.2.0 ?

-Improved interface : Many things are
more logical and "intuitive" now.
-"Buffer" is now the "Source"
-Function Favorites
-Function Search Engine
-Internal Glossary with QuickInfoý
-Overworked Hypertext Help
-New functions like :
Utilities\Make Seamless\Kaleidoscope (cool!),
Utilities\Link with Source\* features (for professionals).
-Function replaced by options => easier to use and more flexible
-Improved Edge Trace Algorithm (Faster and higher quality)
-Many bugs removed

...and many minor changes...

Sorry about the late update.

What's new in v1.1.1 ?
-Some bugfixes

What's new in v1.1.0 ?

-Takes much less windows system resources
-Faster startup
-Year-Bug removed
-Improved Interface-Colors resampling
-Buffer Sprite Pen functions
-Free Light Bump function
-PopUp-Menu in the color window
-Hypertext Help Design changed (a little)
-Witch stabilized
-Many new Sample Textures (some deleted)

What's new in v1.0 final ?

-Many minor bugs removed.
-Improved interface
-Popup Menu on the texture form
-Text Render function
-Icons-lack (on some systems) removed
-Improved Edge Trace functions.
-New Tutorial
-Experimental Texture Witch
-Stretch Edge Make Seamless function
-Improved Texture Rescaling
-Star Field Generator function
-Matrix Generator function (really powerful)
-Quad Water function
-Drag&Drop Feature
-UndoBuffer Pool increased to 99 buffers!
...and another little things ...

What's new in v1.0 beta 3 ?

-Support for the windows color settings
-Full saving of windows and path settings
-Recent file list
-Full Screen Preview
-Texture Memory Information
-Support for 32 Undo Buffers
-Overworked interface
-Random Operation Simo and Step Configuration
-NT Bug (shell32) possibly removed
-OpenGL Bug possibly removed
-Crop Rectangle function
-Shadow Ellipse function
-Math Expression Generator function

What's new in v1.0 beta 2 ?

-Some interface improvements
-Flat-buttons (Thanks for the tip, Max)
-Split-Function bug removed
-Speedup of the Pre- and Postsmoothing functions
-Lack of TreeView-Icons possibly removed
-Generator Engine hangup removed
-Overworked English HTML-Help (Thanks to Peter)
-Forms' positions are saved now
-Tool windows can be switched to external
-Tool-Treeview can be scaled now
-Better Sprite\Shadow and Pen\Special\Smudge function
-Toolhints are now only displayed in the selected language
-Cool registered-user gimmick
-Some little things ...

What's new in v1.0 beta 2 ?

-First Public Release