Tutorial: Brushed Metal


Generating brushed metal is very easy and requires only three steps:

Step 1: Creating a new texture


Open the New Texture Dialog by pressing thebutton (upper left corner) or selecting the File->New menu item.

Change the Width and Height values to 256x256 pixels.

Set the Background Color to a light gray likeRGB(192,192,192).

Press the OK button.


Step 2: Adding scratches


Select the function Noise/Scratch.

Press the Reset button at the Presets Panel to load the function's default settings.

Set the Direction Angle to 0 with Full Radius by clicking on the right arrow button.

Click with the left mouse button on the texture to add the scratches.


Step 3: Smoothing the scratches


Select the function Filter/Motion Blur.

Load the function's Default Preset. The Direction Angle should now reside at 0.

Click on the texture to smooth along the scratches. That's it.