Tutorial: Brown Rock


This workshop illustrates how to create a ready-to-use texture in four steps using only basic operations.

Step 1: Creating a new texture


Launch the New Texture Dialog by pressing thebutton (upper left corner) or selecting the File->New menu item.

Set the Width and Height values to 512x512.

Press the OK button, the background color doesn't matter here.


Step 2: Rendering the base texture


Select the function Generator/Perlin Noise.

Select the preset Brown Carbon at the Presets Panel.

Render the material by clicking on the texture with the left mouse button.


Step 3: The bump map


Create a copy of your texture with the same dimensions by clicking on thebutton. We will render our bump map to this second texture.

Select the Generator/Gravel function.

Load the preset Bumpmap at the Presets Panel. Set the Color Gradient Mode to P->S Gradient.

Render the generator function to the second texture by clicking on it.


Step 4: Mixing the two textures


Use the Quick Texture Mixer to combine the two textures. This is done by holding down the left mouse button at theicon, dragging it to the target texture and dropping it there. Theicon is located on each of the Texture Forms

Do this now: Drag the mixer icon from gravel bump texture to the brown carbon texture. After this a menu will open, containing the different mixing modes. Choose the Emboss Medium mode. See how the brown carbon texture gets depth.

Repeat the procedure, but choose the Variate mode this time to darken the bumps.