Panel: Transformations

You can use the Transformations panel to configure a stack of transformations that are executed in ascending order.

Press the Add button to create a new transformation item and add it at the bottom of the list. The Delete button removes the selected transformation. You can move the transformations in the list with your mouse to change their order.

Each transformation has five properties: Type, Angle, Amplitude, Frequency, Phase and Shift.

The Type property defines the style of the transformation like linear, wave and quantize.

Use the Angle value to rotate the transformation. By default, at an angle of 0, a transformation modifies the image horizontally.

The Amplitude defines the strength of the transformation. For example the transformation Linear at an angle of 0 and an amplitude of 100% shift then image 50% to the left at the top of the image and 50% to the right at the bottom of the image.

The Frequency value specifies the number of repetitions along the dimension, that is orthogonal to the dimension where the transformation takes effect (ordinate). When you apply, for instance, a Wave transformation horizontally (angle = 0) and set the frequency to 200%, you get two complete wave periods along the vertical dimension (abscissa).

Use the Phase value to move the transformation along the abscissa. The Shift attribute defines an offset along the ordinate.

Enable the Keep Aspect Ratio checkbox to scale the transformation horizontally or vertically when you apply the transformations to a non-square image.


Console/Script Switches

Name Range Description
transformations list none Xml encoded transformations stack.