Panel: Stickers

Stickers are collections of similar images, that can be pasted on the texture. Click the Select button to load a collection.

Navigate through a loaded collection with the arrow buttons below the thumbnail image or enable the Random Image switch to have the individual images selected randomly.

Increase the Step parameter to extend the distance between the drawn images. The Opacity value controls the transparency of the stickers. Use the Distraction parameter to place a sticker randomly around the mouse cursor.

Enable the Variate checkbox to have the stickers rotation, size and color variated for each drawn sticker. The Static option variates the stickers by a constant value and the Noise option by a random value within the specified ranges.

Stickers files are ZIP archives, that contain the individual images in the PNG (32-bit) image format, so you can easily create your own stickers collections.


Console/Script Switches

Name Range Description
stickers none name of the stickers collection
stickers image index 0-(image count-1) image index within the collection
stickers random index 0/1 select random index
stickers step 1-100 step size
stickers opacity 1-100 opacity of the drawn images
stickers distraction 0-10000 range of random displacement