Panel: Source Texture

The Source Texture plays an important role in function processing. Any texture can be set as source texture by pressing the (Source) button on the texture's Form, or by pressing the Select button on this panel.

You can use only one source texture at a time.

A source texture for example supplies the data for a Heightmap and the input data for various transformation and distortion functions.

If you combine a target texture and a source texture with different width or height, the Tile switch causes the source texture to tile 1:1 on the target texture without distortions. Stretch the source texture to the target texture's dimensions by activating the Adjust switch.

Displace the source texture by changing the Offset values. You can see the source texture as an overlay on another texture, by configuring the viewport with the button and activating the button on that texture's Form.


Console/Script Switches

Name Range Description
source offsetx -8192-8192 number of pixels the source texture is shifted horizontally
source offsety -8192-8192 number of pixels the source texture is shifted vertically
source scale mode 0=tile, 1=adjust projection mode