Panel: Rules


These settings are employed by the Generator/Complex function and describe the rules for the pattern rendering. The rules are defined by mathematical expressions, which are processed by the Expression Parser.

At first a number is calculated and checked against zero. If it's greater than zero or equal to zero, the variable C is set to one, and to zero otherwise.

The second and third expression pair each define a condition and a consequence. If the result of a pair's first expression is greater than zero, the result of the second expression is assigned to C.

The last two expressions describe two values, that are interpolated (mixed) with the valence of C. C is always bound between 0 and 1.


If 0x-0.5, then C=1 else C=0
If 0<y-0.5, then C=1-C
Interpolate between 1 and 0

These settings set C=1 if x is in the right half of the texture. After this y is checked against being in the lower half of the texture. If this happens, C gets inverted (1-C). The resulting value is either zero or one, because C can only be zero or one in this example.


Console/Script Switches




rules initial


set c=1 if result>=0

rules first rule


first condition

rules first set


first new value for c

rules second rule


second condition

rules second set


second new value for c

rules lowervalue


lower output value (for c->0)

rules uppervalue


upper output value (for c->1)