Panel: Filter Settings


A simple 3x3 filter is defined by the convolution matrix. This panel is employed by the function Filter /Matrix Filter.

For each pixel of the texture, the filter is processed with the input values coming from a pixel's colors and its direct neighbors. The values are multiplied by the parameters from the nine matrix cells

All the products are summed up afterwards. This sum gets divided by the Divisor parameter. Afterwards the result can be changed with the Bias value, which is just added to the result.

If a result exceeds the valid ranges (0-255 or 0-100%), it will be set to the minimum or maximum possible value by default. For the case that you have activated the Wrap Values switch, an upper limit exceeding value will be set to the low limit and vice versa (e.g. 256=>0, -4=>252).

Forcing only one of the three RGB color components back to the valid ranges falsifies the color's hue. Enabling the switch Smart Limitation will maintain the hue.

The Recursiondepth parameter controls the number pixels that are used to calculate a result. Every level collects its input values from the next higher recursion level, applying the same filter matrix.


Console/Script Switches




free filter ul


value of matrix[-1,-1]

free filter um


value of matrix[0,-1]

free filter ur


value of matrix[+1,-1]

free filter ml


value of matrix[-1,0]

free filter mm


value of matrix[0,0]

free filter mr


value of matrix[+1,0]

free filter ll


value of matrix[-1,+1]

free filter lm


value of matrix[0,+1]

free filter lr


value of matrix[+1,+1]

free filter divisor


divide by this value

free filter bias


add this value after division

free filter clip


clip values

free filter limit


smart limitation of color bounds

free filter depth