Panel: Heightmap


A heightmap is an image where the brightness of each pixel is interpreted as the height at the pixel's coordinates.

Many Functions require a heightmap, such as, for example, the Bump functions, which need it to compute the illumination and shadows dependent on the heightmap profile.

The heightmap is supplied by either the Source Texture or the Mask. You can also activate the switch Use Both and have source texture and mask used combined. If you have enabled the switch Use Texture / Source, but no source texture is set, the target texture itself will be used as heightmap.

Make use of the heightmap in a blurred state by increasing the Smoothing value. This is useful for heightmaps that come from rough and noisy textures.

The height value of a pixel is computed from its grayscale value (R+G+B)/3. This means that a white pixel is interpreted as maximum height, while a black pixel marks the lowest possible height value. Enable the switch Invert Heightmap to reverse that relation (i.e. black=highest and white=lowest).

Console/Script Switches






strength the heightmap blurring

heightmap source

0=source, 1=mask, 2=both

defines what to use as heightmap

invert heightmap


invert the height values