Panel: Gradient


The gradient panel is used by the function Basic/Gradient. You can specify the Style of the gradient, which can be linear, diamond, radial, angle and reflected.

The Angle property defines the rotation of the gradient. At an angle of 0, the gradient goes from the left to the right side of the image. The Scale values specifies the size of the gradient.

Enable the Reverse checkbox to invert the gradient. This makes for instance a radial gradient go from the borders of the image to the center instead from the center to the borders.

Activate the Align to Mask option to have the gradient only range over the area, that is covered by the Mask objects, instead of the entire image. For example, if you draw a rectangle and have the option enabled, the gradient will range from the upper left corner to the lower right corner of the rectangle.


Console/Script Switches




gradient style linear, reflected, diamond, angle, radial style of the gradient
gradient angle


rotation of the the gradient in degree

gradient scale 1-500 size of the gradient in percent
gradient reverse 0/1 invert gradient

gradient align


align gradient to mask objects