Panel: Color Gradient


The Color Gradient defines how monochromatic values are mapped to the texture. All Generator functions employ this parameter to color their patterns.

The setting Primary Color generates a gradient from black to the Primary Color.

P->S Gradient creates a gradient from the Primary Color to the Secondary Color.

If you want to use the gradient as created with the Color Gradient Designer, select Color Gradient.

Enable the switch Boolean Color to only use the two outer values of a gradient, for example black and white if you have a grayscale gradient.


(1) = Monochromatic Value
(2) = Primary Color Gradient
(3) = Primary to Secondary Color Gradient (P->S)
(4) = Color Gradient


Console/Script Switches




generator color mode

0=Primary Color,
1=P->S Gradient,
2=Custom Color Gradient

color gradient mode

generator color boolean


use only the two colors at the extremes of the gradient