Panel: Erosion

This panel is used to configure the Noise/Erosion function. The options can be combined and are each suitable for special target textures.

Please acknowledge that different textures receive different erosion, and experimentation is appropriate.

Add the Noise option during the first passes if you start with e.g., a white texture. Without any roughness you won't get much structure. The Alternative Diversion option leads to different results and can prevent the domination of axis-aligned notches.

Below you can see some examples of the erosion function applied to the same target texture.


The Perlin Noise target texture. 

High to Deep erosion mode, suitable for e.g., mountain heightmaps. 

Deep to High erosion mode, for e.g., stone and bark. 

Along Notches erosion mode, good for wood structures.

Circular erosion mode, can simulate smooth rock and sand.


Console/Script Switches

Name Range Description
erosion high to deep 0/1 "high to deep" mode
erosion deep to high 0/1 "deep to high" mode
erosion along notches 0/1 "along notches" mode
erosion circular 0/1 "circular" mode
erosion add noise 0/1 add noise before erosion
erosion alternate sampling 0/1 use a slightly different algorithm