Tools and Modules

This section describes the additional tools that come with Texture Maker and also contains information about the standard dialogs like e.g. the script editor and the file export module.


Texture Rendering Tools

Arithmetic Combiner Combine two textures and an optional mask.
Shader Shade your textures, add highlights and shadows.
Multi-Texture Mixer Combine multiple textures.
Advanced Kaleidoscope Convert images to symmetic tiles.
Genetic Texture Generator Generate synthetic random textures.
ISampler Render seamless textures from small material sample patches.
Neighbor Texture Transitions Create tilesets that combine two different textures.
Textractor Crop textures from photos with perspective correction.

System Dialogs

Add Borders Menu->Tools->Add Borders
Add colored borders to the texture.
Batch Processing Menu->File->Batch Processing
Load multiple files, modify and save them back.
Color Adjustment Adjust hue, saturation and brightness. Modify the color histogram.
Color Gradient Designer Modify a function's color gradient.
Color Selection Select a color from RGB color space or from a list.
Configuration Menu->Configuration->Configuration
Texture Maker's preferences.
File Export Menu->File->Export
Export the textures in a special format (e.g. normal map).
Hotkeys Menu->Configuration->Hotkeys
Add custom hotkeys to the interface.
Panel Arrangement Menu->Configuration->Panels Arrangement
Adjust the order of the configuration panels.
Render Text Menu->Tools-Render Text
Render a string to a new texture.
Script Editor Automate work with the help of scripts.
Split Menu->Tools->Split Texture
Split the texture and save it to multiple image files.
Surface Points Generator Menu->Edit->Surface Points->Surface Point Generator
Generate shapes by using mathematical functions.

Additional Tools

Animation Recorder Menu->Tools->Animation Recorder
Record animated textures easily without the need to write a script.
First Day Engine Render cubic and spherical environment maps of landscape scenery.
Particle System Create animated textures and special effects.