Hotkeys are a great way to improve your workflow. They are key combinations, linked to commands or menu items. Use this dialog to add your own dynamic hotkeys (in contrast to the hard-coded hotkeys like CTRL+O for the open texture dialog).

Press the New button (or ALT+N) to add a new hotkey, and the Delete button to remove the selected hotkey from the list.

By operating the Properties button or pressing the ALT+Return key combination, you can modify the selected hotkey:

The Title item is required to identify a hotkey. It should describe what is done by the statements in the Command field.

At least one Modificator Key must be active. It is not recommended to use only the SHIFT key alone with letters and numbers, because capital letters are realized by this combination. Your hotkeys will override the application's hardcoded ones. It is recommended to specify hotkeys with the CTRL+ALT combination, because this combination is used very rarely.

The Commands, which are linked to the hotkeys, are just simple Console Command lines. This means that you can trigger items at the main menu, call functions, set configuration values, run scripts and add objects with hotkeys.

A typical hotkey command is for example: run color/invert,all.
This command Runs the function Color/Invert with the All Preset, which inverts all of the RGB color channels.

Related Console Commands


Usage: triggermenu <substring>

Scans the main menu for items that contain the string <substring>. The first item that is found will be triggered and the search is stopped.

Example: triggermenu "First Day"
Launches the First Day Engine