Export Texture



Menu: File->Export

This module lets you export the texture as 32-bit TGA files either as normal map or texture with alpha channel included.

Normal Map

Amplification: Scales the heights of the source image to increase the contrast of the normal map.

Detail Persistence: Increase this value to move the valence to the smaller details. Decreasing the parameter results in smoothed normal maps with round edges.

Extra Smooth: Enable this option to smooth the source texture before converting it to a normal map. This is useful for very noisy textures.

Add Noise: This can improve the quality of the normal map by making quantization artifacts less visible.

Width and Height: The dimensions of the output file.



Select Alpha Source Texture: You need to press this button and select an alpha channel map before you can save the file.

Source Texture Alpha Channel: Here you can choose whether the red, green, the blue or all color channels of the alpha source are used to create the alpha channel.

Invert Alpha Channel: This makes the opaque areas transparent and vice versa.

Width and Height: The dimensions of the output file.