Surface Points Generator


The Surface Points Generator can be used to generate a surface point array with the help of Mathematical Expressions.

All objects in Texture Maker need two surface points, that define the object's parameters like for example a rectangle's corners. The two points are defined by the (x1,y1) and (x2,y2) expressions. You can use x1 and y1 as input variables in the x2 and y2 expressions, but not vice versa.

The point creation is controlled by two loop-variables, n and i. The values of these two variables are always between 0 and 1, when rendering the points. n is increased at each loop and i marks the position within a loop.


n = 10
i = 10
x1 = i
y1 = n
x2 = x1 + 0.1
y2 = y1 + 0.1

This configuration will render objects at 10 (n) lines with 10 (i) columns each. The second point (x2,y2) of these objects is just the displaced first point. The displacement (which is done with the +0.1 statement) is 10 percent to the right and 10 percent down.