The Kaleidoscope module creates symmetrical patterns from any image.

Move the shape at the Source image to alter the cropped area. The values Width and Height define the dimensions of the output texture, which is produced by pressing the Render button. Use the Reset buttton to load the default settings for all sliders. You can reset a slider individually by pressing the little reset button at the right side of each slider.

Different Shapes

Shape: This selection has the greatest influence to the outcome of the operation. It defines arrangement of the triangles, which are cropped from the source image and translated to the output tile. Not all shapes produce seamless tiles by default and require altering of the tilt and wave parameters.

Tilt and Wave

Tile X/Y: These two values regulate the horizontal and vertical tilting of the shapes. This can be used to create a wider range of shapes and make the produced tiles to look less regular.

Wave X/Y: Like the tilt values, the wave parameters distort the texture, but after a waveform. This creates more organic looking textures.

Emboss effect

Emboss: Each shape can be shaded by a virtual light, which is located at the top-left corner of the texture. Increase the emboss value to raise the contrast between the differently shaded surfaces.

Source Scaling (10%, 40%, 80% and 200%)

Source Scaling X/Y: The source image can be virtually stretched in horizontal and vertical direction. Decrease the scaling values to zoom into the source image. As you can see at the example images above, increasing the scaling values results in more complex textures.