Genetic Texture Generator


The Genetic Texture Generator creates textures with the help of randomly combined algorithms and mathematical functions. Each random pattern is defined by its Index value and its Complexity. The complexity of a random pattern is the number of elementary function, that are used to calculate the pattern's colors and shapes.

Change it Index value (a 12-digit hexadecimal number) to explore the random space of the generator. When you press one of the arrow buttons next to the index field, the value is increased/decreased by the Count number. Combined with the Complexity value, the generator can produce 2,251,799,813,685,248 different patterns.

After you have found a pattern that you like, press the Add button to add it to the Bookmarks. Press the Render button calculate and save the pattern.

If you press the Examine button, the Examination window will open, which lets you explore the selected pattern:

Examination of a pattern

Hold down a mouse button on the pattern and move the mouse or press one of the arrow keys to shift the viewport. Use the mouse wheel or the + and - keys to zoom in or out of the pattern. You can render a seamless texture from the pattern by changing the Rendering Mode from Normal to e.g. Seamless.

Press the Tune button to modify some of the input values of the examined pattern to create slight variations of it.