Texture Maker's global settings can be adjusted at the Configuration dialog.

The window is subdivided into the following sections: Language, System, Directories, Favorites and Tablet.



Currently, the application supports two languages: English and German. You have to restart the application to make language changes take effect.



Texture Maker can utilize multiple Cores/CPUs (and Hyperthreading) to speed up most of the rendering works. If you have a system with only one CPU, set the switch to Single Processor System. If you selected Multi Processor System, use the Threads value to define the number of processors. Using multiple threads with only one CPU can slowdown a rendering process.

Each Texture requires an amount of memory to store its Undo Buffer, which allows you to take steps back. Specify at the Memory subsection the maximum Number of the buffers along with the maximum amount of Memory that can be allocated by each texture for buffering purposes.

Enable the Compress Data switch to have the undo data being compress, saving about 50% memory in average. The compression takes some time. Additionally, you can have the undo data swapped to disk instead of being stored in the main memory by enabling the Store Data In Temporary Directory switch.

Some dialogs are displayed in a semi-transparent way. The Opacity of that windows can be adjusted within a range from 10 to 255 at the User Interface section. The value 255 means that all dialogs are fully opaque.



Define here special directories, that can be rerouted to custom locations. You can use placeholders for preconfigured directories like the application path $(PROGRAM) or the root of the user directory $(USER).



Favorites are shortcuts to Function/Preset combinations. There are two modes available that the favorites can work in:

Select Function and Preset: The application will switch to the selected function and load the selected preset.

Execute and return to the previous Function: Run the selected function with the selected preset and return to the current function afterwards. If the preset is configured with a Mask mode that requires you to specify an object (e.g. ellipse), the favorite function will only be selected but not executed.



If a tablet is attached to the computer, this sheet shows information about the tablet device.