Color Selection


Use the Color Selection Dialog to choose colors from RGB/HSV color space or from a list of predefined colors.


The button Invert produces the negative colors of the current color in RGB color space. Press the Random button to create a random color. You can use the Standard Windows Color Dialog by pressing the Dialog button.

If you want to crop a color from screen, hold down the left mouse button on the Capture button, move the mouse over the selected pixel and release the mouse button.

You can enter numeric color values in different formats by using the Format selection and the Value field, like the HTML color format or Comma Separated Values.


At the second tab of the color dialog, you can selected a color from a list of indexed colors. Press the Find Best Match button to select a color from the list that is closest to the current one.

Use the Filter field to reduce the number of displayed colors in the list. Only the colors, that contain the filter string as substring, are displayed.