Color Adjustments


With Color Adjustments module you can modify the texture's colors and adjust Hue, Saturation, Brightness and Contrast as well as the individual RGBA color channels to your needs.

Each of the color channels can be amplified with its Scale value and increased/decreased by a constant number (Bias). Set the scaling factor to -100% and the bias value to 100% to invert a channel. The Gamma values are used to apply a gamma correction to the color channels.

The Histogram shows the intensity distribution of the channels Red, Green and Blue. Move the vertical lines to adjust contrast and brightness of the texture. The left line defines the new zero-level, the right line controls the maximum value. Values that are outside of the range are corrected to the corresponding bounding value. Values that are within the range are scaled to cover the entire spectrum.

Press the Optimize button to make the histogram be adjusted so that the contrast of the texture is maximized.