License Features


Here you can find a comparison of the different Licenses and what features they include.





Commercial Usage  

Maximum Processable Size 4096x4096 6144x6144 16384x16384
Supported Number of CPUs 1 2 16
Photoshop Compatible Plugins  
Texture Maker as Photoshop Plugin    
Life Function Preview
Max. Undo Steps 999 999 999
Compressed Undo Memory  
Swap Undo Memory to Disk    
Programmable Hotkeys    
Save Custom Presets
Texture Resynthesis
Console & Scripting
Tablet Support (Pressure)    
Arithmetic Combiner
Multitexture Mixer
Particle System
Batch Processing    
Export as Normal Map
Export with Alpha Channel
Animation Recorder
Custom Panel Arrangement    
Customizable Interface

The Enterprise license allows installation on an unlimited number of computers within a facility or building.

The Basic, Advanced and Professional/Enterprise versions can be used in a 30-day Evaluation Mode.