Welcome to the documentation of Texture Maker, the seamless texture generator and designer.

The application can create procedural and hand painted textures from scratch, remove visible seams from existing images, crop textures from photos by applying a perspective correction, render seamless tiles from structure sample patches, combine existing textures and heightmaps with realistic illumination and much more.

You can now choose from the following Help Categories:
Basics The basic elements of the application
Functions The main image editor functions like texture generation, filters, transformations
Configuration Panels All the controllers and switches to customize the functions
Tools and Modules Additional tools for extracting textures, rendering environment maps, animating textures etc.
Console Commands and Scripting Commands that are used to create scripts and to automate work
Tutorials Learn how to create textures by these step-by-step instructions


Help Revision 1.4 (Texture Maker v3.1)
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