Generator Functions

Generators render basic patterns and materials like wood, stone, rock, water caustics, brick etc.


Here is an overview of the Generator functions class:

Blobs Fractal blob texture (for e.g,. rock).
Blocks Rotated rectangles (for e.g., Manhattan pattern).
Bricks Displaced bricks pattern.
Caustics Underwater caustics.
Chaos Pattern Random pattern of combined functions.
Checker Basic checker pattern.
Clouds Clouds, pumice, boiling gas.
Complex Regular patterns defined by a rule system.
Dots Displaced gradient ellipses.
Expression Patterns defined by mathematical expressions.
Flagstone Randomly located stones.
Flagtech Alien architecture.
Gradient Aligned color gradient.
Gravel Large and small stones.
Grid Grid of wacky lines.
Hexagon Pattern built with hexagons.
Horns Arbitrary placed and rotated horns (for e.g., forest soil).
Life Chaotic pattern with little features (for e.g., bumpmaps).
Lines Horizontal and vertical lines (for e.g., barcodes, pedestal).
Lumps Randomly placed gradient ellipses.
Mandelbrot Randomly placed gradient ellipses.
Marble Distorted, vertical stripes.
Matrix User defined patterns.
Mosaic Symmetric lines patterns.
Noise Randomly colored squares.
Perlin Amp Synthesis of lattice noise.
Perlin Noise The mother of all noise functions.
Plasma A classic noise function.
Plates Subdivision rectangles pattern.
Rectangles Synthesis of blended rectangles (for e.g., shiphulls).
Ridged Perlin A variation of the Perlin Noise function, good for heightmaps.
Scales Roofs, snakes and dragons.
Scratches Lines, rotated and scaled by random.
Sinus Synthesis Synthesis of sinus waves.
Spots Pattern of rounded and distorted spots (for e.g., cracked earth)
Star Field Smaller and bigger stars.
Stone Walls, rock, concrete.
Stream Vertically moving waves.
Tiles Eroded plates.
Triangles Wacky, connected lines (for e.g., fence).
Turbulence Smoky noise.
Veins Random structure with small and large cells.
Waves Great for simulating animated water textures.
Wood Vertical grain.
Wood2 Wood with notches in all directions.
Worley A cell noise texture.