Color Functions

These functions perform modifications to the texture's colors, like increasing the brightness, shifting the hue or changing saturation and contrast.


Overview of the Color functions group:

Amplify HSV amplification and transformation.
Apply Gradient Convert grayscale values to a colorful gradient.
Black and White Dark colors become black, others white.
Boost RGB amplification.
Brightness Lighten and darken by a fixed value.
Color Delta Distance to a color become grayscale values.
Contrast Change the texture's contrast.
Convert Set hue, saturation or brightness to a fixed value.
Exchange Switch two RGB or HSV channels.
HSV Transformation All the HSV modifications you can imagine.
Invert Negate a RGB color channel.
Maximize Set the texture's contrast to maximum.
Quantize Round the color to fixed levels.
RGB Transformation All the RGB modifications you can imagine.
Saturation Increase or decrease the saturation.
Shift Hue Change the hues, but maintain their relations.
Synchronize Adjust the colors to another texture.
Threshold Set the color channels to minimum or maximum.