Generator/Ridged Perlin



Ridged Perlin is a slight modification of the Perlin Noise function. It is very useful to create heightmaps for landscapes, like the ones rendered with the First Day Engine.

Ridged Perlin heightmap rendered with the FDE.

Like Perlin Noise it is functioning by combining multiple layers (called Octaves) of coherent noise with different resolution and valence. Each octave has the doubled resolution of its predecessor and its valence decreases with each octave according to the Persistence value. Increase the Resolution value to get a more homogeneous noise pattern.

Use the Random Seed value to get different, unique structures.

Also Ridged Perlin is three-dimensional. By increasing the Time Offset value you can move along the z-axis and create animated textures. The noise repeats after 1000 time frames.

Different results can be achieved by applying a Transformation to the this function. For example the Noise Round transformation produced the wood like texture in Image 3.