Generator/Perlin Amp



Another noise function is given by the Perlin Amp generator. It can render stone textures as well as regular patterns.

The biggest influence is made by the Octaves value. By increasing this value you add details, making the pattern change from regular to chaotic (compare Image 3 to Image 1). The Persistence parameter regulates the valence of these details. Manipulate the Resolution attribute to control the overall size of the noise pattern.

Change the Random Seed value to get a different noise.

Perlin Amp is three-dimensional, too. Move along the Z-axis by increasing the Time Offset value.

Utilize the Amplify value to adjust the contrast of the noise.

The flexibility of the Perlin Amp function is achieved by tunneling the end product through the Transformaton panel. For example, the effects you can see in Image 2 and Image 3 are achieved using the Sinus transformation type.