Regular patterns, created by a rule based system, can be produced with the Complex function. Some mathematical knowledge is required to write your own rule systems. Fortunately there are already lots of presets available.

At first a number is calculated and checked if it's greater than or equals 0. If this is the case, the variable C is set to 1, else to 0.

Example: Set C=1 if 0<=X-0.5
This will make C=0 at the left half of the texture and C=1 at the right part.

Now we add at the second the third field: If 0<Y-0.5 Then C=1-C
The rule will invert C at the lower half of the texture.

If we leave the following fields empty, we will just receive a simple checker board.

More information can be found at the Rules panel page.

The Tiling values make the pattern repeat over the texture.

Tip: Have a look at the Expression Parser to learn what mathematical expressions can be used with Texture Maker.