The Clouds function can be used to render textures like clouds, animated boiling gas, sponge, snow and even marble textures. It works by combining a vast number of spheres to a fractal, chaotic pattern.

Like Perlin Noise, this function also works by combining a number of Octaves, the number of fractal layers. Increase the Octaves value to add details. The Persistence parameter controls the valence of the smaller and bigger spheres. Decrease it to fade out the small spheres. Increase the Resolution value to decrease the overall size of the spheres, resulting in a zoom-out effect.

Use the Elements Count and Size values for further fine-tuning of the spheres' number and size.

The clouds Density and Sharpness parameters modify their look. Decrease the Density value to remove weak parts of the clouds and use the Sharpness value to change the clouds' sharpness.

The contrast of the clouds is controlled by the Amplify value.

Tip: Use the Animation Recorder at the Tools menu to easily record animated clouds.