The Bricks function renders a brick wall pattern with displaced stones. Each stone row is displaced in relation to its preceding row.

Use the Displace parameter to control the row displacement. A value of 50% represents the default half-width displacement.

The Tiling values are used to define the number of stones in the pattern. Set the vertical value to twice the horizontal value to get brick stones that are half as high as wide.

Sloppy brick walls can be produced by increasing the Turbulence value. The width and height of the brick stones as well as the mortar between them will variate (Image 3).

The edge gradient of the brick stones is controlled by the border Width and Height values. The Width parameter defines the horizontal gradient, while Height controls the vertical gradient.

Take use of the Amplify value to change the contrast of the brick stones' gradients.

Tip: Use the Noise/Erosion function with the Mountain preset to make the bricks look aged.