The Synthesis function creates a multifractal combination of an source image, pasting it randomly sized and placed on the target image.

Increase the Density value to raise the number of pasted images of the same size. The Roughtness parameter controls the number of fractal levels. A low number produces few large objects, a large number a higher amount of small ones. Use the Size value to control the overall size of the pasted objects. The Distortion property defines the placement of the objects. Set it to a low number to get a regulary distributed pattern. A high value generates more random images. The pasted objects are faded out at their borders. Use the Noise parameter to control the noise of the transparency gradient from the center to the border of the objects.

The Source Texture specifies that source image. If you have not set a source image, the target image will be used as source.

The border parameters define the width of the transparency gradient of the synthesis objects in horizontal and vertical direction. Decreasing the border values makes a larger portion of the objects visible.