Console and Scripting Overview


Scripting is a powerful way to automate repeating work. A script is a set of instructions for Texture Maker to follow. This can be e.g. an operation that requires multiple steps, or a process that opens a texture, modifies it, saves and closes it afterwards.

Scripts can be created, edited and run at the Script Browser. A faster way to run scripts is to use the Scripts item at the main menu.


There are four main categories of script commands, sorted by purpose. Special commands are mentioned in the related documents.

You can list the commands by entering the cmdlist <substring> command in the console. This shows all commands that contain the string <substring>.


Special commands that are only meaniful when used in scripts.

Surface Points

Create and modify objects with some lines of code.

Texture Form

Tools for creating, saving and manipulating texture forms.


Create dialogs in scripts, compute values and configure functions.

Tip: You can start a script from the command line by passing its name with the /script parameter, like "texturemaker.exe /script=textures/agate".